+$47 just in 3 minutes.

Below you can see how $47 was earned in just 3 minutes from a one short signal using Tradingview's "SagaView" indicator. This indicator generates about 20 such signals a day.

How to trade with Saga?

Step 1


You received a sound alert where the Saga zone crossed the support level. These are favorable conditions for a LONG position.

Step 2


You have opened a LONG position on the cryptocurrency pair where the signal was received.

Step 3


+1.22% profit in just one signal. You take the profit you made.

Why is SagaView indicator profitable?


The algorithm of the indicator includes comprehensive measures of crypto-quotes analysis. It allows predicting the price movement with high accuracy. This is what the indicator includes:

    Identification of bull and bear power accumulation zones.
    Powerful support and resistance levels. 
    A self-learning mathematical algorithm.
    Detection of accumulation zones crossing with support and resistance levels.

Highly accurate scalp signal!

  • Bullish accumulation zone

    The bulls have accumulated large volume, the strength of the volume is directly proportional to the size of the zone.

  • Strong resistance level

    The SagaView indicator identifies powerful support and resistance levels. Here we see a powerful resistance level.

  • Bullis zone crosses the resistance level

    The bullish accumulation zone crossed the resistance level. Thus, favorable conditions for SHORT position were formed.

  • SHORT signal

    Since the basic conditions of the indicator, crossing the zone and level, we open a SHORT position and take a profit.

Strong Support and Resistance!

SagaView is not only suitable for scalpers, but also for long-term traders.

+9% profit from the SHORT signal and +7.8% from the LONG signal.

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Why SagaView?


6 months of development with optimization of indicator parameters.

Over 80% WinRate 

We managed to achieve a high accuracy of signals!

100% None Re-paint

The indicator does not re-paint its signals under any conditions.

20+ signals per day

Get 20+ high-precision signals a day.

Who do we work with?


The indicator processes quotes from all major resources and exchanges.


How much can I earn with SagaView?


Our best traders earn more than $30,000 a month.

1 Trade Profit

One trade can bring you 1-2% ROI.

Daily Profit

~10 trades a day will give you ~5-7% ROI, including drawdowns.

Weekly profit

~70 trades will give you a ~35-50% ROI, including drawdowns.

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SagaView Tradingview Indicator

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